Driver Killed In Highway 17 Crash


UPDATE:  One person is dead following a single vehicle crash on Highway 17 east Monday.

Police and Emergency vehicles responded to the crash near Belleau Lake Road involving a single vehicle that appeared to have lost control at a high rate of speed.

The west bound lanes were closed for a period while Police conducted their investigation and cleared the area.


Highway 17 East at Belleau Lake Road is closed to westbound traffic due to a motor vehicle collision. / ONNtv has learned that traffic is backed up from the collision scene.

(video by Mike Caruso)

There’s been no information made available surrounding the accident. viewer, Mike Caruso sends in this photo and video from the scene.

It is unknown how long the west bound highway will be closed


  1. He passed me and almost hit me. He was driving way too fast. It has been bothering me since I saw the after math. So scary! My condolences to his family.

  2. I know some of the family of the man who was involved in the accident. Reading these comments makes me saddened. I don’t think that it’s necessary to make hurtful, spiteful and rude comments. This family needs nothing but love and support and in time’s like this when family cannot be there and lean on each other for support due to covid it’s extra important we open our hearts 💕

    Not to mention that the family reads these threads and articles and they don’t need judgements, assumptions and sarcasm.

    Sending all my love to the family members young and old, near and far.

  3. Absolutly sadning. I hope people who recognize ththe vehicle were properly notified and not by a news.broadcast.. its really a ignorant form of notifying public of an event. Imo. … the roads closed accident should be efficient. No? Until later

    • Mcm A Jxime I was so worried my son 20 had just left for Toronto.
      Drives a black car it was terrifying your right. I quickly realized it wasnt his car.
      But felt sad for his or her family.

    • Mcm A Jxime this would create even more trauma for the family , so yes I hope the family is notified prior , actually these pictures shouldn’t even be public ; time to advocate against this

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