Five business groups urge Ontario to halt commercial evictions during pandemic


TORONTO — Five business groups are calling on the Ontario government to impose a commercial eviction moratorium during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The groups make the request in an open letter to Premier Doug Ford today, saying urgent help is needed as the due date for June rent approaches.

The groups include the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association, Restaurants Canada and the Retail Council of Canada.

They say some landlords are not applying for a joint rent relief program from the federal and provincial governments.

Ford has previously declined to freeze commercial evictions, instead pleading with what he’s called “vicious” landlords to be flexible with business tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has said there could be legal implications if the government wades into long-term lease contracts.



  1. Why doesn’t the renter and the provincial and federal gov. pay 33 per cent instead of 25. What is next cover their car loans. Ford closed all these stores and left Walmart wide open. These small stores could have remained open and did the same only a few people in at a time. Ford said 75 per cent is better than nothing well 50 per cent of sales for small stores would have been better than nothing also

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