Gas Prices Jump Almost 13 Cents In The Sault


It was nice while it lasted, but it appears the lower prices at the pumps have come to an abrupt end.

McDougall Energy owned stations in Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma saw regular fuel jump from 82.5 to 94.5 cents a litre Thursday afternoon.  McDougall Energy own a number of local gas stations in the market but not all gas stations have followed suit.

Canadian Tire outlets were still posting 81.9 cents as of this publication. Other stations such as Circle K were posting 82.5 cents.

Prices began to dramatically fall in the province in early March as the coronavirus began to take hold . Thousands of people locally, joined millions across the country and stayed home.

Many were laid off and several businesses closed altogether.  With less people using their vehicles and with restrictions in place, airlines stopped most of their flights and the demand for fuel reached record lows.

At the same time an over supply of oil globally brought prices down at the pumps to levels not seen in 3 decades.  Prices in 1990 averaged 63 cents in Canada.  Many communities in Southern Ontario saw prices hover around that mark in March and early April.  Prices have nudged up slowly since then until the big jump today.

Prices are predicted to rise over the coming weeks as more of Canada re-opens following weeks of lock down imposed by Federal and Provincial governments. during the covid-19 pandemic.


  1. no change in the price—i do not get this article—- is McDougall Energy playing a game of testing the waters

    • my mistake thief’s have increased by 15 cents a litre in one day—may they rot in hell with their money —

  2. Highest in the north! Thunder Bay, lower. Sudbury, lower. Timmins, lower. North Bay, lower. Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t like what you see? Report the McDougall gouging to the Province!!!

  3. What a surprise Mcdougall energy raised prices at stations they own. I guess they hope the rest will follow. Also strange is the fact Mcdougall supplies and delivers foul to these stations. Even Circle K which is Quebec owned and has independent delivery,this independent company picks up the fuel from McDougalls storage facility

  4. WTF.. Tru-ass_doe has to make the money somewhere since he gave the minimum wake earners an extra boost to their income. It was 82 cents this morning, it is now 94. Im sorry I didn’t see that this morning.. This is a piss off and another kick in the teeth by our useless government.

  5. I am willing to bet the prices in Toronto did not go up 13 cents.We live in GOUGEVILLE ONTARIO.

  6. So only the McDougall Energy owned stations hiked their prices? Which stations do they own in the Sault?

  7. I was told my a gas bar attendant, the lower gas prices were because of the covid 19, and he said once it’s over the gas prices will go back up. I guess we will have to wait and see if he was right

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