Local Student Rethinks Post-Secondary Choice Amid Covid-19

Alexa Notte is in her final year of high school and was hoping to apply to her dream university Wilfred Laurier to complete a double-degree within five years.

The impact of Covid-19 has left many students weary on what to do with their post-secondary education choices and questioning whether or not it’s still acceptable to apply outside of their hometowns because of Covid-19 restrictions. On top of being told, there is no school for the remainder of the year, it also means the holt of all sports. Local grade 12 student-athlete Alexa Notte, is one of many students who had to change her post-secondary dreams to accommodate the uncertainty in relation to the pandemic and was unable to compete in her final seasons of high school sports such as track and field, soccer and badminton.

Alexa is in her final year of high school and was hoping to apply to her dream university Wilfred Laurier to complete a double-degree within five years, but now she’s had to switch to applying to Algoma University, something she never thought she’d do.

“I was planning to go to Wilfrid Laurier University for a five year double-degree program in Business Administration and Financial Mathematics. I really do enjoy math and having that passion for it, I feel really gave me the upper hand I would have needed to complete and potentially find a job after those years.”

Since having to switch to all online classes, Alexa revisited the idea of applying to Algoma University.

“I applied to business administration here at Algoma and now know with all these universities starting to close, why it may be my best option. I never really had intentions to apply to Algoma or even to stay in Sault Ste. Marie, despite my parents believing it may be for the best. After giving it lots of thought, talking it over with my family and taking into account this pandemic, I told myself, maybe it is in your best interest, at least for one year. I could end up loving the program, staying the four years and seeing where that takes me. I’m definitely trying to stay positive – everything happens for a reason”

Alexa is still remaining positive and hopeful during these difficult times. She carries her positivity by expressing that her high school coaches have prepared her to have a positive outlook on any given situation.

“Its been really hard, but looking at the whole picture of things and understanding these circumstance for everyone, I’ve realized every person is dealing with a loss in their own way, whatever it may be. These circumstances have been challenging especially mentally, but being positive during this time and keeping that positive mindset has really stemmed from my coaching I’d say. I really do have to thank my coaches that pushed me, not only to be the athlete that I’ve become but how strong I think I am mentally. They’ve taught me how to deal with situations that may have been unexpected and that;s really been important to me to look back on.;”

This would have been Alexa’s final year competing in high school sports, fortunately, she was able to complete her fall sport, which is volleyball and that takes place at the beginning of the school year. For the remainder of the sports, she, like many other student-athletes, is disappointed in being unable to compete in badminton, soccer, and very popular track and field events.

“I’m very disappointed, especially being a senior. After so many years of schooling and hard work, you really look forward to those last moments and months of high school. Being able to spend it with those you’ve grown up with, and built certain relationships with is something you look forward to and will always remember, so for that being taken away does hurt. Grade 12 really is that once and a lifetime experience so to not be able to enjoy all that comes with it, really is unfortunate.”

“As much as I’ve tried not to take the situation personally, it’s been very hard. I know all good things eventually come to an end, but having the season end this way it really hurts. I didn’t get that last run, or last jump that I thought I would, and that really breaks my heart.”

As Alexa wonders what her last bit of sports would have been like she is reminded to always look on the brighter side of any situation and encourages others to do the same.

“Remember, we eventually will get through this. I know it may seem tough now but we do have positive years ahead. Look at this time to rest and focus on yourself, when the time comes to get back into the swing of things remember how much you missed it and go hard. Sometimes the comeback is honestly stronger than the setback.”



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