COVID-19 Outbreak Declared at Extendicare Maple View Long-term Care Home

COVID-19 in Algoma

As part of proactive surveillance testing in all of Algoma long term care homes, COVID-19 has been confirmed in three residents of Extendicare Maple View.  Algoma Public Health’s outbreak response team is working closely with Extendicare Maple View’s care team to take further preventive actions to protect staff and residents.

At this time, the three residents have no symptoms and remain in isolation to prevent further transmission.

Surveillance testing of all Extendicare Maple View staff and residents has been completed.  Other initial lab results have been negative.  As the remainder of results become available, Extendicare Maple View will continue to provide updates to residents, staff, and family members.

Any family members with questions or concerns may contact Maple View administrator Barb Harten at 705-574-3000 ext. 1110.

Extendicare Maple View staff or essential visitors who have any concerns may also contact Maple View administrator Barb Harten at 705-574-3000 ext. 1110 or Algoma Public Health at 705-759-5404.

“According to Ministry of Health criteria, one single resident or staff who tests positive for COVID-19 in a long-term care home is enough to declare an outbreak,” explains Dr. Jennifer Loo, Associate Medical Officer of Health at Algoma Public Health.  “Our outbreak response team is working with Maple View to identify potential exposures, and to support the care team in putting heightened infection prevention and control measures in place that will reduce the risk of further spread.”

Preventive actions in all long-term care homes:

  • All residents, staff and essential visitors are screened for symptoms every day, including temperature checks
  • Visitor restrictions have been in effect since early March
  • Group activities have been discontinued
  • All staff and essential visitors wear masks
  • Any resident who develops symptoms is immediately tested for COVID-19


  1. Testing will solve nothing but only create more panic, fear, and overreaction. It won’t do anything to help solve the problems of insufficient care already existing in the LTC homes. It only gives a false sense of security that something is being ‘done’, and unfortunately, provides more ammunition for the imposition of invasive surveillance of people. Do not be fooled, the end game is personal surveillance and control of people who used to be free – beginning with pressure to take whatever half-baked vaccine comes along. It’s sad that Canadians are allowing this to happen like docile sheep.

  2. We have over 70,000 people in the Soo and only 13 cases resolved. Really! Their just hasn’t been enough testing done. I have a friend in Mapleview who just got test yesterday. Why so late?

  3. These cases were found due to proactive testing, they were asymptotic. Other than total community testing, that I feel should have been done many many weeks ago, what more could have been done?? Thank goodness we have been on visitor restrictions/self isolation or it would have been much worse.

  4. So from here we can see that we can’t trust the system whether its healthcare, law blah blah blah. They say one thing then bam it’s totally different. I feel for the elderly and the care workers and all that is affected by this. Praying it gets cleared up with no deaths.

  5. It’s one floor and only three people. The staff is doing all they can. It’s no ones fault. It’s an airborne virus. Sad it has happened here, but it’s also happened in other communities that their long term/hospital settings got infected persons.

    • MacDonal Robinson
      Actually the virus IS airborne !! Do you even watch or listen to the news!! They even said it was! God I love know it alls. You’re not a health professional so do me a favour and don’t pretend to be one. I live with one who is around the disease ALL day long, all week long. And no it doesn’t mean they were unreported you daft one! Omg, uninformed people make me laugh. Go back to serving in your bar! 👋🏼

  6. The staff at Mapleview, as well as the other long term care facilities in Sault Ste. Marie are extremely well trained. They care about the residents deeply and take a very personal interest in their care.
    Wishing all of the residents, the staff, and their families the absolute best during this.

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