Most want US border to stay closed, reluctant to welcome interprovincial visitors

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One-in-three say their provincial border should be closed, half say guidance from officials is enough

May 22, 2020 – With speculation over the future of travel and the viability of tourism as an economic driver in this country, Canadians themselves are expressing a hesitance to host visitors from south of the border – and even from other provinces.

Further, the latest study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds most Canadians say they are unwilling to travel to the United States for the near future.

Indeed, in the case that the border were opened after June 21, the vast majority who live close to the Canada-U.S. border say they would definitely not (60%) or probably not (24%) take even a day trip south this summer.

It is perhaps, then, less surprising that Canadians would prefer to see that border remain closed in the coming months, despite the fact that American visitors to Canada spent approximately $10.6 billion in this country in 2018.

Just one-in-five (19%) say the border should open when the current deadline for closure expires (June 21), while most look to either September (42%) or the end of the year (26%) for their preferred opening window.

When it comes to borders within this country, a mere one-in-five Canadians believe there should be free, unrestricted travel between provinces. The consensus among half (50%) is to stop short of total interprovincial restrictions but strongly discourage people from outside their own province from coming in, while one-in-three would restrict movement entirely to their own province.




  1. We can keep the border closed but open traffic between the 2 Soos. The bridge depends on tolls to maintain and operate and too many tolls are being lost. There is very little virus patients in either Soo. The loss of tolls will cause another rise in Tolls when it re-opens. I use a P.O. Box in Soo Mich. for our relatives mail and my mail to them. I shop in Soo Mich. only for things that I cannot buy in Canada and I would appreciate having both Soos open but the rest of Michigan closed.
    It can be done !

  2. Having lost two loved ones to other outbreaks in the past. I can see the side of wanting to keep the borders closed. However now having been separated from other family I can see the side of wanting them opened as well. The fact is though that we are not supposed to be travelling anyway. The whole situation is very sad.

  3. This has nothing to do with rights & freedoms for Canadians or Americans. Frankly put, neither nationality has a right to cross any border. As a Canadian and looking to our neighbours to the south, they have completely dropped the ball with their response & handling of this pandemic whereas Canada has done relatively well with our response. The majority of our infections in Ontario came from the States and to open the border now would probably erase all the sacrifices we’ve collectively made to protect the lives of fellow Canadians. It’s sad to see as the pandemic in the States will get worse and more suffering is to be had.

  4. Everyone is thinking.. well some aren’t. How about people who have family on either side of the border.. more so parents that are away from their kids because they have closed the border. I know this virus is serious. But you can’t keep everythig closed indefinitely. There is a fine line of being cautious and taking away our rights and freedoms as Canadias.

    • Karen Duchesne there is a huge difference in cases across the border. Asking people who would like the border to remain closed to simply not cross it is poor logic because anyone from our community on the Ontario side of the Border could travel into the states become infected and asymptomatic then bring it back to our side of the border and spread it around especially as guidelines are becoming more relaxed around gathering and distancing.

    • Karen Duchesne gotta love people who insult others online. Be quiet if you have nothing of value to add we are not children but you seem to think it’s appropriate to act like one. Thanks for creeping my page and using it against me.. you probably go to church and pray to god but think energy is fake. How do you like being told to worship a cross! Get a life lady! Grow up!!!!!!

    • Karen Duchesne you are proud to chirp like a cocky troll on here with your opinions nobody asked for. Pick on someone else what on earth is the matter with you miserable bratty child?

    • Melinda Campbell they let people cross to pick up packages. At least they do in Sarnia. They make you quarantine and send an officer to do random home checks during your two week quarantine. But they will let you across for non essential reasons. Like buying car parts 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Simple.
      They have been hypocrites since the start.
      Defending WHO, who slow walked person to person contact and continue to defend China.
      Calling people racist for wanting the borders closed, then acting self righteous when they do close the borders.
      Indoctrination of children to make them comply to the narrative, regardless of what their parents think or feel.
      Dismissing the use of masks at the beginning to ensure people are scared to go out.
      Then releasing criminals (from a controlled environment), only to ban guns that limit our self defense…well, for everyone accept natives (those FN votes are valuable).
      To then encourage masks, even if non surgical, only after the lockdown begins to slowly lift.

      And of course, let’s not ignore the fact that Sault online, sootoday, etc, refuse to publish ANYTHING against the approved narrative, while promoting every article regarding the libs as success. All while fueling the disgusting hatred that so many leftists in these comments sections have for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      The only orange man bad that should be discussed is the pathetic race baiter running the NDP…but in a world pushing for inclusion and acceptance, apparently the left constantly needs someone to hate.

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