National directive on wearing face masks coming today, Trudeau says


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a national recommendation on when and where Canadians should be wearing face masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is coming later today.

Trudeau says he has started wearing a mask when he is out of his home and can’t be two metres away from others at all times.

He wore one today when he arrived at the House of Commons for an in-person sitting but said we would take it off once he gets to his desk in the chamber and is at least two metres away from any other MPs.

Spain is now requiring people to wear masks when in public, but so far most Canadian public health officials have only recommended it be done in circumstances where physical distancing is not possible.

Canadian health officials once recommended against the wearing of face masks but adjusted that advice in early April when it became clear COVID-19 can be spread by people who aren’t showing symptoms.

The officials say wearing a non-medical mask mainly helps protect others from you if you are carrying the virus.


  1. There has been no social distancing, no mask wearing, no sanitizing, at my husband’s work since this began, seems like all of this is bullcrap… know the place …..the one that employs 3000 workers in this city.

  2. My god.. I can’t take much more of this ‘Nazi-Like’ insanity. I’ve had enough of Twinkle-toes & this wannabe communist regime.

    It’s time to take off these stupid looking masks & get back to work..

  3. I was in line today, such a beautiful day to stand in line, I was casually watching people and movements. Doing so I notice this lady coming towards the line, she puts her keys into one pocket, as she’s fiddling with a face mask in her other hand, not sure which way to put it on her fingers are all over both sides, plus she just touched her keys, door handle, jeans, now mask multiple times.
    For why are you putting that, by now, totally contaminated piece of cloth anywhere near your face my little voice asked inside my head.
    I stood there wondering exactly just how many times she’d used that mask, wouldn’t matter, just from what I saw, if she ain’t dead by now, she good for the long haul.
    No, I won’t wear a mask, not until there is actual, reliable research done on what the mask is doing to MY BODY, MY LUNGS, absolutely hell to the no.
    But I understand and respect that people need their little false sense of security, and I have no problem throwing them their little bone rather then have them turn on me like a pack of wild dogs, so I have purchased and will wear a face shield in public.
    This way I protect them, yay for me, but and just as important, actually more important to me, ( don’t be so holier then thow, you know you feel the same way) I protect my lungs, my heart, my nasal passage as well as yours.
    I’d like mine to be the sterilized kind, official approved mask;
    not one someone makes in their basement, cigarette or joint hanging from their mouth as they snack on beer chips and try each mask on for size.
    Just my opinion, I’m on-board with everything except denying our bodies some movement to build up some resistance to this strain of virus, and so much fear that decision was powered by, not good. Now there’s people’s fears and the virus to find a vaccine/cure for, that’s a lifetime for some people.

  4. I’m really growing tired of the information being shoved down our throats. One minute don’t wear them they aren’t good for you, the next minute there are directives. Crazy bullshit however the saddest part is you can’t believe a dam word coming out of their (govt) mouths. I wear a mask in public because I choose to not because they tell me to.

  5. I think Trudeau has handled this Covid crisis very well, I am so thankful we have him instead of Trump who has managed to screw up the pandemic responce from day one. And now he is recommending s treatment that can actually kill people but e doesn’t care

  6. How about teaching HOW to use a mask properly.
    I store mine in a ziplock container and put it in there before getting into my car. Making sure to take gloves off first (properly) and disposing of them in a bag I seal off, after every place I go.
    The things I’ve seen are doing more harm then good. 🥺

  7. Did you ever think that he was provided with the mask from his piers some people just have to complain about one thing or more at least he is wearing a mask NOT LIKE A SO CALLED OTHER VERY IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE USA

  8. That’s the best picture of Trudeau I’ve seen so far. I see he reverts back to his childhood colours. A balaclava would be an even beter improvement.

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