Ontario garden centres frustrated by measures that only allow partial reopening


Ontario’s garden centre operators say they’re frustrated by new government orders meant to ease the restrictions they’ve been under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garden centres and landscaping companies are among those on the short list of Ontario businesses cleared to resume operations as of today.

But while landscapers and lawn-care workers can resume their usual workloads, garden centres say the new rules only allow them to provide curbside pickup and delivery services.

They say they’ve been fielding confused and disappointed customers who were hoping to browse seasonal offerings in-person.

Garden centre operators say May is a crucial time in their industry, and they hope the Ontario government allows them to open their doors to the public soon.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, Premier Doug Ford said the government would have “good news” for garden centres later in the week.


  1. Wonder how much Walmart paid into Dougie’s re-election fund. People can browse all they want there, without buying any groceries or anything from the pharmacy.

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