Ontario reports 391 new COVID-19 cases, 33 new deaths


TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 391 new cases of COVID-19 and 33 new deaths on Saturday.

The province now has a total of 22,313 confirmed cases, 1,858 deaths and 17,020 resolved cases.

The increase in cases represents a 1.8 per cent growth over yesterday’s total.

Cases had grown at an average of 1.6 per cent per day over the last three days.

The number of people in hospital dropped, while the number of people in intensive care and on a ventilator remained steady.

The province says it was able to test 17,768 people for the novel coronavirus yesterday.


  1. Theres a one percent death rate, with 98% chance of surviving, 85% of all the deaths have been the elderly or low immunity, so why are we isolating the healthy, it’s the only pandemic I know of where everyone is isolated not just the sick, the economic roots are going to be far worse than this virus

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