Ontario reports 412 new cases of COVID-19, 27 new deaths


TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 412 new cases of COVID-19 and 27 new deaths related to the virus today.

The province now has a total of more than 25,000 cases, which includes 19,146 resolved cases and 2,048 deaths.

The rise in cases represents a 1.7 per cent increase over yesterday’s total, and the daily growth rate has hovered between 1.5 and 1.9 per cent over most of the last two weeks.

The province was able to complete 11,028 tests the previous day, which is still well below the province’s capacity of 21,000 per day.

New testing regulations start today, with asymptomatic front-line health-care workers being tested across the province.

The province will also begin a second round of testing in long-term care homes, which have been hardest hit by COVID-19.


  1. When covid first appeared if you were on a cruise you were sent to complex to self isolate but yet thousand of international travel on planes told to go home an self isolate..we see obviously they didn’t….should of banned all travel first then lock down

  2. This will never end… it spreads like a cold, asymptomatic, effect different demographics differently. Let’s keep the hospitals form getting over loaded but let’s not sell some
    Illusion that this will
    Ever go away….

    • Alan Waller first of all, they did not “shut down TORONTO” and secondly, people aren’t purposely running out spreading the virus, most of these people are already sick. You can’t shut down the entire economy to try and save everyone’s life. There are still more Flu deaths reported than COVID deaths. Let’s just try and save everyone from COVID and forget everything else that this “shut down” is doing economically! 🤬

    • Emma Marisa if they had shut down Toronto right from the start, there would not have been any cases elsewhere in the province. All the cases in the provinces can be traced back to travel to/from Toronto. Pictures from Trinity Belle Park yesterday shows how retarded people in Toronto can be when it comes to following advice of medical professionals.

    • Alan Waller Ford thinks all of Ontario is in Toronto. He cares little for anything outside of the GTA!! Shut Toronto down. Close the highways into other cities and let SSM and other cities with low counts thrive!! #SSMStrong

    • Alan Waller people will always be this way…dumb and dumber but the solution at this point, because we can’t change the past, is not to shut everything down, we need to start responsibly opening up the economy…we can’t be in a bubble, we need to build/maintain immunities…blah blah blah…it’s a vicious circle and trading in a headache for a stomach ache.

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