Paramedic Services Week May 24th-30th

ambulance paramedics
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Paramedic Services Week is an opportunity to recognize paramedics across the country. Locally we have over 60 dedicated professional paramedics serving the District of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area. Paramedics are unlike any other healthcare professional. They come into your life when you may be at your most vulnerable, bringing emergency health care to you wherever you are.

This year’s theme, like so many things in our lives, has changed focus and is Pandemic: Paramedics on the Front Line. While our community is doing its part following directions of stay at home and respecting physical distancing whenever possible, paramedics do not have that option. Paramedics report for work to do what they have been trained and prepared for, despite the risks to themselves and their families. As a part of both the healthcare and first responder communities, these professionals are working day and night to protect the health of the community and their patients. Paramedics work hard to ensure your health and safety while in their care and the personal protective equipment a paramedic wears when you meet is to both safeguard them and ensure that you are safe and protected as well. Paramedics would like to remind everyone to please call for assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Given the pandemic situation our open houses, public displays and interactions are not possible this year but please join us this week as we recognize our highly skilled professionals during these especially demanding times.


  1. Paramedics are incredible. The two times I’ve had to deal with them, I found them extremely professional and very calming. Both events were traumatic but I clearly remember the calming and professional nature of the paramedics. They made me feel safe and secure. Thank you to all paramedics!! I truly appreciate all of you.

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