Pointe Des Chenes campgrounds and beach/day park remain closed

Photo from Pointe Des Chenes taken last summer.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie reminds citizens that under the province’s Declaration of Emergency, and Regulations under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, Pointe Des Chenes campground and beach/day park remain closed until further notice. Access to the area is strictly prohibited.

Although other campgrounds have been permitted to open, the criteria for opening campgrounds under the Emergency Order, are not met by Pointe Des Chenes. It is anticipated that once the Provincial order is lifted and restrictions are relaxed, the City will work to get the water system running and ready for use by the end of June.

In the meantime, those who would like to remove their trailers from the campground of the park are asked to send a message to the Lions Club Pointe Des Chenes Facebook page where arrangements can be made.

The beach and campground closures were ordered as part of the extended declaration of emergency to stop the spread of COVID-19. People are encouraged to continue to stay home, practice physical distancing and avoid social gatherings. The City thanks residents for their cooperation during this time.


  1. I bet those folks that have been putting themselves at risk working in healthcare and taking care of us would love a walk on the beach one day..
    The least we can do is show respect to the many front line workers and abide by rules & regulations..Also many
    people want to go to Point Deschene to walk the beaches and have fun outdoor picnics.. And then there are many people that didn’t get an opportunity to be with their loved ones when they died.. And can’t gather together to say goodbyes at a service & Funeral..

    Life is at this time all about letting go and holding on.. Lets think of “everybody” that just want to walk on a beach at Point Deschene..but when proper protocols are in place..
    Don’t be so selfish or think this only a huge inconvenience!!!!

    • Marie Guindon if people would follow the rules we could get through this a whole lot faster. If the vast majority would wear a mask and follow other protocols, this could be opened up a whole lot sooner. So thank those who won’t wear a mask, won’t self distance, who gather in large groups and in general, keep us under tighter restrictions for longer.

  2. Drove out there yesterday just for the drive and to see if we could spot a deer. There were 30 cars parked on the road and people heading in over the locked gate past the closed sign. To you parents who took your kids. Good job teaching them the rules do not apply to them.

    • I’ve been going to harmony with no issues, lots of other people there even late in the evening but everyone is spread out and in small groups so there’s been no tickets or anything given out and there’s no signs up

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