Rocks of Kindness to Brighten The Soo


SAULT STE. MARIE: In a way to help uplift the community during these unpredictable times, local resident Kelly Cerenzia thought of an idea to promote kindness by painting rocks with special messages and inspirational words to spread happiness and joy throughout the Sault Ste. Marie community.

“This has been a tough year with our family and with everything going on in the world. I have been trying to find joy and be kind. We decided last week to start painting rocks and hide them for others to find. I wanted the kids to do something to give back to the community and you don’t have to spend to do that.” said Kelly Cerenzia, The Sault’s Kindness Rock Plan Organizer.

Kelly and her children Landen, and Ali have been busy bees finding the best rocks across Sault Ste, Marie to paint and to share with the community. Rocks are collected and then painted in bright colours such as blue and pink to help make them stand out with personalized messages. Once the rocks are dried and ready to go Kelly and her children adventure around town to “hide” the rocks. Of course, the rocks stick out and are visible for everyone to see.

“We love the feeling it is bringing us to see others stopping and looking at them and even taking one. I hope to bring a smile to someone who needs it. We are all just trying to survive and get through each day and we are doing this one rock at a time.”

Along with the painted rocks, Kelly has painted little wooden baskets to hold the rocks. Each rock is painted individually, and each message has been created with the intention of brightening someone’s day. Some of the rock messages include, “You are loved,” “You are strong,” “Be Kind,” “Reach for the Stars,” and many more.

“If you see a rock and it brings you joy, take it, keep it or pass it along. You can leave it there to share the joy with the next person too. I have encouraged others to participate by either taking a rock, sharing it and even jumping on and doing this themselves.”

Rocks have been hidden at Bellevue Park, Gros Cap, Chippewa Falls, Hiawatha, Batchawana, Harmony, Hub Trail, City Hall and, as of yesterday, there is a basket at the Sault Area Hospital (SAH).

“We wanted to bring them to the hospital to share some joy with the staff or patients.
The staff of SAH are working so hard and need to be recognized and they are appreciated.”

Kelly encourages that she would love to see others posting pictures of the rocks and sharing their story. A Facebook group and Instagram account have been created and titled The Sault’s Kindness Plan. Anyone is encouraged to partake in this new initiative to help bring joy to the Soo.


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