Special Report AM Edition – May 21st


Today on the Special Report, a thank you message was sent in to thank a special healthcare worker Emily Lento and mention of the Sault’s Kindness Rocks.

The thank you message came in last night through Instagram from Chelsey Starkell, who wanted to give special thank to this individual, “Thank you to Emily Lento RPN at the Sault Area Hospital while upgrading to be an RN still online! She is such a hard working person and still makes time for friends and family when she can. Quarantine has been hard on her as her fiancé is in BC and she is apart from him through this pandemic. But doesn’t ever let anything break her spirit and helps others daily.”

Also on the show, Chris teases his interviews with Cllr Luke Dufour and Cllr Rick Niro. Colette and Chris talk trash, rats, and speeding. Chris warns that 1 in 5 people could be behind on mortgage payments by September. The #InThisTogetherSSM interview is with Xcite entertainment.

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