Special Report AM Edition – May 22nd


On today’s morning show, we talk about the hottest place in Ontario this weekend, the Michael Jordan documentary, the 13 recovered COVID-19 cases in Algoma, and Chris summarizes his phone call with Ross Romano MPP. 

Join Colette Linden and Christopher Oldcorn at 1PM for continuing Special Reports amid the COVID-19 Crisis. 

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  1. I live in ward 2 and have never heard from or seen either elected ward person on my street. In fact even before the election they simply dropped their ads in the mailbox…not even a knock on the door. I and many on my BUSY street will oust them next election.

  2. First of all Luke, you are supposed to advocate for the citizens of ward 2. Now start pushing for a higher police presence on Wellington/Trunk to help reduce speeding. No excuses. Those digital signs are not the same as an actual visible police presence. Also why aren’t they using radar guns as frequently as they used to? There should be more of that. Ignoring people who live along this “racetrack” is reducing the services they are entitled to. Their property taxes should be reduced because of the reduction of services. Also, property standards should be patrolling and issuing fines to people who break property standards by-laws. People using their yards to store junk, old rotting vehicles with oil and gas leaking stinking up yards, contaminating land. The rats…enforce property standards!! Advocate to bring back the rat abatement program!! Do it for the citizens you are supposed to be working on behalf of.

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