Survey: Deferral Of Payments Of Duties And Taxes


On March 27, the federal government announced the deferral of payments of duties and taxes on imports through to the end of June.

Your Chamber CEO, Rory Ring, has been involved in a Supply Chain committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the committee has been made aware of the issues pertaining to the implementation of these deferrals.

Finance Canada and CBSA have approached the committee to seek information from companies that import goods into Canada in order to better understand the “on the ground realities” of how the deferral has worked in the context of relationships that importers have with their customs brokers.

Basically, given the relationship certain importers have with their customs broker, we want to learn more about how the deferral is working in practice.

We are seeking your views in a 90-second survey to inform our discussions with the government. if you or your colleagues responsible for customs work are able to complete the survey it would be greatly appreciated.

For associations, law firms, and other service providers, we would be grateful if you are able to forward this to your members or clients.

The survey can be found online here:

We are requesting replies by June 4th. All replies will be kept anonymous.