The 10 people in every video call


Northern Ontario actors and creators are excited to get back to work, and aren’t waiting for the industry to officially open back up. Sudbury-based creator, Richard Barlow (Trailer Park Movie Review) wrote and directed “The Ten People in Every Zoom Call” using all fellow talent from 46th Parallel Management, a Sudbury-based talent agency.

The hilariously truthful Zoom office meeting spoof highlights the talents of local Northern Ontario actors Richard Barlow, Marquise Amyotte, Trish Rainone, Lisa Cromarty, Bruce Stanfield, William C Cole, Keegan MacNeal-Kettle, Chloe Theriault, Linus Cunningham-Closs, David R. Carter, Melanie Rainville & Stephen Paul.

For those who have found themselves spending hours in video conferences either from home or regular offices during the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you enjoy this video as much as the Superior Media Team did!