Three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Algoma

COVID-19 in Algoma

The Algoma Public Health is advising of three new confirmed case of COVID-19 here in the Algoma District. Of the three, one is reported to have contracted the virus due to international travel, and the remaining two are categorized as unknown.

Case #18 is a person who is currently self-isolating with close contacts notified. This person was tested on May 12th and contracted the virus after travelling internationally.

Case #19 is also self-isolating and confirmed positive after being tested on May 13th. It is not known how this person contracted the virus and close contacts have been notified.

Case #20 was also tested on May 13th, self-isolating with close contacts having been notified. It is not know how this person contracted the virus.

It appears that the later two cases are in the Sault area with Algoma Public Health advising that “Unknown Exposure is evidence of ongoing community spread in Sault Ste. Marie & Area”. Residents are urged to remain vigilant with practicing physical distancing as possible exposure remains possible in all regions of Algoma.

Stats on the number of resolved cases have yet to be updated, with 13 cases reported to have been resolved as of May 8th.

Visit the SaultOnline COVID-19, Flatten the Curve page for more information and links to credible resources.


    • Well if you dont know, there are many people that work everyday in Michigan and live on this side. They just say international travel cause they leave the country everyday. Go sit at customs at 530am and watch all the vehicles going over.

  1. And why did my wife and I see 2 trucks heading east, with Michigan plates, with trailers on the back with side by sides and atvs? I just don’t understand that one.

  2. Why don’t they release a list of place these people have been? That way, anyone who’s been in that relative vicinity around that time frame can go get tested as well. Just to weed out more possible cases that are asymptomatic

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