Troy’s Trail 9th Annual FUN-raiser Gone Virtual


SAULT STE. MARIE: The ninth annual Troy’s Trail Walk FUN-raiser event in hopes of bringing awareness  to hydrocephalus and spina bifida has changed its course of action and will now be a virtual walk. Covid-19 has made it challenging to host in-person events, and in keeping with social distancing, FUN-raiser founders, Troy and Annette Chandler decided to change the event to virtual instead of cancelling it all together.

In an exclusive interview, Troy and Annette enlightening the audience as to the importance of bringing awareness to this incurable disease. Troy Chandler was diagnosed at age 28, and since then has been doing everything in his power to get the message out there and to bring the local community together for those individuals who may have similar experiences or who may be suffering with this disease all together.

In the interview Troy and Annette are joined with Kathy and Jessy LaFord who share their experience of what the walk has done for them, and their experience being a part of this wholesome community event. Jessy LaFord was diagnosed in 2015 with hydrocephalus, and her mother Kathy expresses her gratitude for having Troy and Annette in their corner.

Prior to the interview Troy acknowledges that Jessy is his hero, for all the things she has been through at such a young age has really inspired Troy, and this is one of the reasons the walk was organized in the first place – to bring that community together.

The virtual walk is set for June 13. June being hydrocephalus and spina bifida awareness month. Since the events have taken place and within the span of eight years the Troy’s Trail walk has raised over $19,000 for Hydrocephalus Canada.

Check out the Troy’s Trail Facebook page for more information and how to sign up with the virtual event. There is no registration fee, and during this time the Chandler’s understand that many individuals may be struggling financially and to only donate if you can. They also encourage individuals and families to take part by wearing their Troy Trail t-shirts, make signs, or do whatever you can to show your engagement during the walk by uploading your pictures and videos to the Troy’s Trail Facebook page.

Donations can be made at


  1. That was a great interview! You both continue to spread the awareness of this important cause . You 2 are awesome ! Keep up the fantastic work ❤️

  2. Absolutely amazing! Thank you Danielle for reaching out to us to do this. You made us feel very comfortable and relaxed, and the experience was enjoyable! Your genuine are and compassion truly helped us to share our story and made us feel important. Thank you for helping us get the word out and spreading the Awareness.

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