Troy’s Trail FUN-raiser


June is Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida Awareness Month

COVID-19 has made it challenging to host our in-person our 9th Annual Troy’s Trail Walk this June. While we understand the importance of social distancing, we also recognize that now more than ever we need to be there for each other and stay connected.

We have decided on Troy’s Trail FUN-raiser, from wherever you are!

So JOIN US for our virtual event on June 13, 2020 by visiting our Facebook page at Troy’s Trail.

We are encouraging individuals and families to take part and wear your t-shirts, make signs, do whatever you want to do and post your pictures or videos to Troy’s Trail!

And if anyone wishes to, we will still gratefully accept DONATIONS but only if you are able.


We realize this is a trying time for all of us, and many are struggling financially. But we can still celebrate Troy’s Trail “YOUR” way!

While we can’t physically walk together, we are taking VIRTUAL steps to stay connected.

There is NO cure for Hydrocephalus or Spina Bifida, but TOGETHER we can Make A Difference. Let’s FUN-raise for Hydrocephalus Canada!