Trudeau calls for global response to heal COVID-19’s economic damage


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened a major United Nations’ conference this morning saying a co-ordinated response is necessary for the global economy to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UN estimates without such a plan, the pandemic could slash nearly $8.5-trillion from the world economy over the next two years and force 34.3 million people into extreme poverty this year.

Trudeau told more than 50 heads of state and government that “our citizens need to have confidence in international institutions that leave no one behind and are capable of overcoming global challenges.”

Earlier this week, Trudeau argued that ensuring poorer countries survive the crisis is not just the right thing to do, it’s in Canada’s own self-interest.

He says Canadian jobs and businesses depend on stable and productive economies in other countries, so it matters how other nations weather the COVID-19 storm.

The conference will address six urgent areas of action to mobilize the financing needed for a global recovery, including expanding liquidity in the global economy and maintaining financial stability and involving private-sector creditors in recovery plans.



  1. I blame the voters for this incompetence of this Gov’t, throwing money at a problem doesn’t make it go away, and dont forget how much he wants that UN seat, at least trump takes care of Americans first!!!!!

  2. Folks, we are so blessed to have our own Winston Churchill, our own John F. Kennedy. Our very own Abraham Lincoln. All wrapped up, in a neat little package with a red bow on it, in one human being !!! justin trudeau, is handing out our tax dollars, like manna from Heaven. You know like that other famous Person who turned water into wine. trudeau will & he makes sure to be first in line to hand out……… your tax dollars !!!! But, that seems to be ok with many out there. They voted for him & quite a few appear to be quite happy with the job he’s doing. $ One Trillion……. $ Two Trillion…………..Heck, that’s ok, it’s mostly our children & grandchildren’s problem to pay the bill ……………………… for decades ?????
    Oh well, hang on folks, ’cause it’s sure to be a very rough ride in this Country…….. going forward. For about 75 percent of Canadians. But, not so much, for the elites like justin trudeau, mp bill morneau and their billionaire friends like the Aga Khan. You know, the close family friend who lobbies for your tax dollars and gives trudeau & his family free vacations…………… My God !!! Good luck folks !!!!!!!

  3. “the pandemic could slash nearly $8.5-trillion from the world economy over the next two years and force 34.3 million people into extreme poverty this year”
    OPEN THE ECONOMY THEN! Cuz the only lives that matter right now are COVID lives!

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