Trudeau says he does not share view that oil and gas sector is beyond saving


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he does not agree that oil and gas in Canada is dead.

Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet and Green parliamentary leader Elizabeth May both claim the oil price shock that has devastated Canada’s oil patch in recent weeks should be the final sign that the industry cannot and should not be saved.

Both would rather the government pour economic recovery money into transitioning workers in Alberta’s oil industry to renewable energies instead.

Trudeau, however, says the oil and gas sector will play a critical role in both the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the transition to a greener Canadian future.

Trudeau says less pollution and greener outcomes will be a major part of the recovery strategy.

He also says the innovation that will come out of fossil fuel companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is critical to getting it right.


  1. He is so phoney. While campaigning he made a statement that he said I want Canadians to be known for what they have between their ears not for what they have below their feet. That says he hated oil and gas at that time, but soon realized that the country needs oil and gas to get the money to pay for his ridiculous spending. He has done absolutely nothing for the energy sector and won’t because he doesn’t want to piss off Greta and her gang. He is against everything Canadian and only wants to change this country to Trudeauland. He is a TRAITOR to the people.

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