Trudeau says legislation on municipal handgun bans coming


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government plans to move ahead with legislation letting municipalities ban handguns within their borders, though he isn’t giving a timeline.

The Trudeau government on Friday outlawed a wide range of assault-style rifles, saying the guns were designed for the battlefield, not hunting or sport shooting.

The move has prompted criticism from both sides, with some like Ontario Premier Doug Ford saying it misses the mark by targeting legal gun owners while others say it doesn’t go far enough.

Trudeau acknowledged during his annual daily COVID-19 news conference in Ottawa this morning that the federal government has more work to do when it comes to guns, which is why it still plans to introduce legislation on handguns.

He also says the government will be looking to tighten up the border against gun smuggling and safe storage.

As for the timing, Trudeau would only say that the federal government would introduce the relevant legislation when Parliament, which is sitting in person only one day a week and holding virtual sessions twice a week because of COVID-19, “allows it.”


  1. Twinkle-toes is stepping dangerously close toward a ‘Dictatorship’ & as is with most tyrannical regimes.. he should be reminded of our ‘Humanitarian Efforts’ in Libya, lest he too ends up paraded around town in a limo full of ‘SNC-prostitutes’.. oh, wait my bad that was the diversion, the ‘regime’ ended a little differently, just sayin’.

  2. REALLY!?
    IS this BS gun control legislation really top priority right now!?
    How about off peek hydro rates until our lives are back to normal!?
    How about worrying about getting our lives back to normal! I am getting sick and tired of not being able to see my family and friends!
    Trudeau’s gun control legislation isnt going to do Jack s**t to get illegal guns off the street, just like making drugs illegal didn’t get them off the street!
    What a joke!

  3. Who needs a military style weapon to “go hunting “ anyway. Grocery stores all have meat sections so stop whining and buy the meat you want to bbq. Hunters can be so annoying and childish !

    • Ivana, grocery stores are a friggin joke! I know where my meat comes from, do you!? I know that my meat that I harvest is 100% free from antibiotics, steroids and hormones! Can you say that about your grocery store meats!? No you can’t!
      And when shit hits the fan do you know how to fend for your family when grocery stores run out of product and your family is starving!? I doubt it!
      I know I do!!
      And anyone that thinks there is a difference between a hunting rifle and a “Military Style” weapon is ignorant! Get educated!
      Fully automatic weapons are already banned in Canada, and the difference between a military .308 rifle and a .308 hunting rifle is the body! That is it! The guts are the exact same!
      Do some research before giving your 2 cents about a topic!

    • Robert Miller well seeing as you seem to be the one butt hurt, how big is your dog? I do hunt and fish for pleasure and sustenance yes, have all my life as I was raised to do. However my reference was to the people that live in the citys, big or small that have never had the pleasure or the experience in the great outdoors and the hunting/fishing available in this beautiful country Canada. The people that seemingly have the ear of the equally bleeding hearts in politics that will seemingly take nearly every means that it takes to suckhole into those votes? Not sure whether you are a city dweller or where you live but maybe come out to where I live and hunt and educate yourself on how the reality of what these guns are used for,ummmmm besides killing the most people, in the fastest means possible!!!! Thinkin you need a bigger gun to fight a battle you seemingly have no educated clue about. Only my humble,farm born and raised opinion. Proud to be a Canadian farmer,hunter as well as avid outdoorsman. Will respectfully wait for your reply. Dig deep, you will need to to fight this with someone educated in the means of living and enjoying the true Great North of our CANADA!!!

    • Lorraine Rae Anne not with automatic weapons with 100 shot clips people hunt not for food they can get it from the grocery store . They like the power they feel when they decide what lives and what dies to kill any of Gods creatures is just an ego trip
      THEY AINT STARVIN THEY JUST LOVE BLOWIN A LIVING THING TO BITS if it was a sport the critters would have guns to then it would be even

    • Robert Miller I kill for sustenance only. Its not a thrill but is def a rush. Ive never missed at anything I shot nor wounded and animal and left it to die. I don’t expect everyone to see life the way I do. However I feel same disdain for city life. So lets agree to disagree.

    • Lorraine Rae Anne how do these people think they get their beef,pork,poultry etc ? Does the meat fairy magically drop it off? Lmao. All those trucks that really smell heading east on the hwy are full of the last days of their steak n burgers lives lmao. They need to get a grip on reality!!!!!

    • Ashley Rae-Anne Austere not inhumane at all. I am an ethical hunter and they do not suffer. I was taught how and where to shoot an animal so it does not suffer. Please educate yourself away from the mainstream media. Maybe Ted Nugent and look into his hunting ethics. Just one of many that hunt for sustenance ethically!!!

    • Robert Miller you are gravely mistaken. My plessure is in having my families as well as my belly full. Sustenance. I believe in my God and also know that if it werent for ethical hunters the herds of Gods creatures would over run as well as become so inbred and starved due to lack of a food source due to more need of feed than the availability of the feed itself. Once again you show yourself to be a bleeding city heart that has no real clue nor justification behind your accusations due to lack of understanding regarding the laws of nature and the means to control and sustain the availability of our wildlife for generations to come behind us. I want to know that my children as well as their descendants for many years to come will have the ability to keep food in their freezer to feed their families due to ethical hunting teaching and practices. Please feel free to get off the bandwagon and educate yourself to what hunting ethically is really about and the enormous future benifits to everyone will be?

    • Ashley Rae-Anne Austere your ignorance of the reality of this situation shows you really do not understand this reality. Hence my comment regarding educate yourself. This goes back for many generations,passed down through the generations that everyone still has the means to sustain their families needs regarding feeding their families.

    • Lorraine Rae Anne I appreciate your support but thinking she is spouting out the mainstream media ideology that the former combatant was. I find it sad that people that have never been in the position that through life it was hunt or starve. I hope to ensure my kids and theirs will not ever be faced with that position. Thx again

  4. Such an idiot, the criminals don’t have registered guns you moron, so actually you’re attacking law abiding people, while the criminals are free to do whatever they want. For sure you’re a lowlife Globalist Trudeau.

  5. Only sheep applaud when government takes away thier rights.

    People should be prepared to protect themselves should a worst case scenario arise.

    This takes that right away from law abiding citizens, now only criminals and governments will have guns.

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