YMCA launches new platforms amid Covid-19


In another segment of #InthisTogetherSSM SaultOnline Reporter Danielle Dupuis, had the chance to sit in with two individuals from the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA club, Tracey Cooke, CEO and Erica Tucker, Supervisor of Adulting Programs and Marketing.

During the interview, Tracey and Erica discuss with the audience the new changes to the YMCA, including the virtual YMCA at home and the new programming to assist with those who are isolating at home.  Erica enlightens everyone that she is offering live workout classes, and she still feels the love even when it’s just her in the yoga studio. Tracey discusses how individuals can apply for Emergency Child Care and discuss the recent campaign #StayWithUs, which calls on the public to continue supporting the YMCA. 

For more information please go to, https://ssmymca.ca/