ADSB Balances Budget For 2020-21`


At the Board Meeting held on Monday, June 29th the Algoma District School Board (ADSB) approved a total budget for expenditures and revenue brought forward by the Operations and Budget Committee of the Board, for the 2020-21 budget year in the amount of $164,827,245. The Committee consists of Board staff and the following Trustees: Chair of the Operations and Budget Committee, Susan Thayer; Trustees Greg Bowman, Russell Reid; Vice Chair of the Board, Brent Rankin and Chair of the Board, Jennifer Sarlo.

Although this has been a very challenging period of time, within this budget, the Board has committed to the continuation of:
➢ Support for Board Improvement Plan (Achievement, Well-being and Engagement)
➢ Professional Development for Teachers – Technology
➢ Increased Technology for students and system upgrades
➢ Supports for Special Education and Mental Health
➢ Capital Improvements to the learning environments in schools
Senior Board Administration and Trustees recognize the need for careful management of public expenditures during this challenging period of time. Staff are now awaiting additional special project funding announcements and September 2020 enrolment figures. These may result in additional enhancements for 2020-21.