Bicycle Unit Patrolling Downtown


In recent weeks you may have seen Sault Ste. Marie Police Service officers patrolling areas of the downtown on bicycles. We want to let the community know our Bicycle Unit will be patrolling the downtown area during the day on a regular basis as long as the weather permits.

“Bicycles are a highly effective method of patrolling busy city streets like our downtown area,” said Sergeant Nikki Magnan, supervisor of the Bicycle Unit. “Not only are we able to patrol larger areas than on foot, but officers on bicycles are able to maneuver into many areas cruisers cannot access.”

The Bicycle Unit will utilize the Station Mall office to allow for easier access to the downtown core. The officers are highly visible in their Bicycle Unit uniforms and are ready to answer calls for service.

Another benefit of the Bicycle Unit is the level of engagement officers are able to have with members of the public. Cycling the downtown area will allow officers to meet and have conversation with many of the people we serve.


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