Canada and Ontario Support Beef and Hog Farmers During COVID-19


The Federal and Ontario Provincial governments are committed to aid the country’s food supply chain by providing investing up to $10 million in emergency assistance for beef and hog farmers.

Due to COVID-19 related processing delays, the increased costs of feeding market ready cattle and hogs. while redirecting surplus pork products, is in strong demand.

Offered through AgriRecovery initiatives, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership along with the Province contributing funds from Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19, the funding will cover increased costs.

The $5 million in support for beef farmers allows them to claim $2 per head of cattle per day to help pay for additional costs.

Hog farmers are set to receive $5 million to cover additional maintenance costs on top of the Provincial commitment of $1.5 million toward processing and packaging surplus pork. This latest commitment from the Province will enable surplus pork for food banks, to provide those in need with fresh, locally produced pork products. This will assist the pork processing industry with managing capacity while helping those in need.


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