Canada, U.S. confirm plan to extend border restrictions by another 30 days

International Bridge Sault Ste. Marie

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada and the United States will continue to limit non-essential travel between the two countries until at least July 21.

Despite mounting pressure from business interests and border communities, however, Trudeau is offering no clues about how the border restrictions will be eased when the time finally comes.

The 30-day restrictions were first imposed in March in the face of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have now been extended three times.

While the measures prohibit discretionary travel like vacations and shopping trips, essential workers, trade shipments and temporary foreign workers are still allowed to cross the border.

Communities near the Canada-U.S. border that depend on a steady flow of traffic and the ability to move between the two countries have been growing impatient as provinces and states alike continue to gradually restart their economies.

In the U.S., however, fears of a second wave of COVID-19 have been escalating in recent days as newly reopened states begin to see increases in their active caseloads and hospitalization rates.


    • People thinking the government is screwing “us” over is completely absurd. I for one am thankful for the measures put in place to keep me and my family safe. This isn’t over and won’t be for a long time. Yes it sucks not being able to hug loved ones but facebook, Skype, facetime, ect are there to help you still connect.

    • Has anyone actually looked at cases in the states vs ontario? There’s a reason we aren’t seeing as many cases here. Our provincial and federal leaders are doing an amazing job taking the public’s health into consideration. The answer is not to open up right away. Stay in and stay safe until professionals aka scientists tell us its safe to do otherwise. Unless you’re a scientist you’re wrong. Period.

    • There are zero active cases in Sault Michigan
      He would have to quarantine so I’m not sure how my partner alone in his car driving across the bridge from rural Sault Michigan to rural Sault Ontario and stays inside our home puts anyone at risk? And yet patios are open to interact with strangers and people can get their nails and hair done? And cineplex is opening? There needs to be some sense and compassion in how we allow people to move forward
      Facebook for my partner and the person my child calls Dad doesn’t help her through the anxiety she is feeling at being without him nor does it give me the emotional support I need through all of the stress that we are all enduring through these pandemic times 😢

    • Joyce McComiskey I am truly honestly very sorry for your child it is heartbreaking. However, If the border makes an exception for one they will either make way more exceptions and make having the border closed completely redundant or people will riot like crazy because someone they know was let across but they weren’t. I’m sorry but would you rather your child not have a father at all? (god forbid he were to get sick) or would you rather have to wait a little longer and ensure everyone’s safety. I get explaining it to a child isn’t easy. They don’t understand, I know. But honestly it’s not just about you and her it’s about everyone staying safe

    • Also “active cases” means bupkus. Not every single person is getting tested, not everyone who catches shows symptoms and therefore they carry it without knowing. I guarantee you there are a hell of alot more cases even here then we are aware of

    • Krystle Plastino there are already exceptions and I haven’t seen a riot at our border. And I am thrilled for the people who were able to get married and can cross safely to protect themselves and others while reuniting – it’s just isn’t fair that in this day and age the definition of family needs a marriage certificate. I’m sure you have friends living with their spouse right now that are not legally married yet would be heartbroken to have their partner taken from their home since they can’t present a marriage certificate 🤷‍♀️
      All I’m asking is to have the safe option of quarantine that a person with a marriage certificate has been extended
      I’m sorry you can’t see it in your heart to see how painful this is for everyone in this situation with the border

    • Lisa Gjos control what? Whether you live or die? Like come on. Get some common sense people and stop being so damn selfish. The government isn’t controlling you with a pandemic. That way of thinking is, (and I apologize for the language but clearly its necessary) ####### stupid. Scientists around the world aren’t just playing around. The number of deaths aren’t made up. You’re a completely fucking moron if you think otherwise 🤦‍♀️

    • Krystle Plastino well with all your concern I certainly hope you stay indoors and don’t propagate the virus by being out in the community 😞
      You have your right to your choices and opinions – I only hope people extend the same courtesy to me as they expect to receive
      Have a nice day
      Stay safe and healthy

    • Joyce McComiskey in fact I do stay in and stay safe. I arrange for grocery pickups for myself and my parents and inlaws. My children hadn’t seen their grandparents since march until this past weekend. One of my best friends lives in sault michigan and it sucks! We literally don’t go anywhere.

      What I’m saying is not a matter of opinion, its scientific facts FYI

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