Chris Oldcorn Show – June 15th


On today’s show, Chris does Algoma Public Health’s job (again). Chris tours the Station Mall and shows all the reopening violations. Where is Algoma Public Health?

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  1. AGREED!!!! The response from the APH in a nut shell regarding them enforcing any of this is that they are only there to give suggestions and that it is not their responsibility to enforce any of the measures put in place from the Provincial Legislation that are made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. They have said that it is the responsibility of the police to enforce this.

  2. Didn’t watch but yeah, regarding Algoma Public Health. They are putting ridiculous restrictions on the Mill Market and the Farmer’s Market. But, the other day at Cdn. Tire, the “security guy” was standing there having a smoke while loads of people were entering. He wasn’t stopping anybody. It was pretty much impossible to “social distance” in there. Where was APH? Also, two places that I have gotten take out from a few times…nobody wearing masks. They’re handling food, breathing all over it, maybe even coughing. Zero logic and consistency.

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