City Aims At Improving Traffic Flow

traffic light

Improvement in the way drivers will navigate the city will soon be released, as City staff have recently completed Phase 1 of installing a new software known as Centracs.

City manager of design and transportation engineering, Carl Rumiel says The new traffic data collection and analytics software system will improve the way traffic signals are synchronized at Sault Ste. Marie’s signalized intersections, Sault Ste. Marie has 77 signalized intersections.

Last year, City Council’s Ward 3 Coun. Matthew Shoemaker and Ward 5’s Matthew Scott – expressed concern about the 37 intersections that have advanced left turns.

Drivers must often wait at these intersections even when no other vehicles are present.

Council will address this issue at Monday night’s meeting, which will be held by teleconference to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.


  1. Flashing lights after 10 p.m. would really help. It is silly to be sitting at a light with no traffic in sight after 10 p.m. Soo Michigan can handle it and I think we could too.

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