Coast Guard responding to report of aground barge in lower St. Marys River


The owner of the aground barge, Purvis Marine, enacted their vessel response plan and are developing a salvage plan for the barge PML2501 to be submitted to the Coast Guard for review.

Coast Guard marine casualty investigators and pollution responders are on scene to investigate the incident and ensure proper mitigation of potential negative impacts to the environment. A Coast Guard helicopter from Air Station Traverse City conducted an overflight of the area and did not identify any release of pollution from the barge. The barge has taken on water in a ballast tank and is currently stable. There is no report or identification of pollution at this time.

The Coast Guard established a safety zone around the navigable waters of the barge PML2501. All vessels are required to remain 500 yards away from the barge.

Today, at 12:30 a.m. EST, the Coast Guard Sector Sault Sainte Marie Command Center received notification that the Barge PML2501 (length: 302 feet) towed by Towing Vessel Anglian Lady (length: 132 feet) is aground in the lower St. Marys River, near Sweets Point. Both vessels are Canadian. The barge is carrying 3,622 metric tons of coal tar and approximately 6,340 gallons of diesel fuel. Their last port of call was Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario enroute to Burns Harbor, Indiana.

The cause of grounding is under investigation.



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