Cyclist Dead Following Collision


Shortly after midnight on June 27, 2020 officers responded to a motor vehicle collision in the 1000 block of People’s Road. It was reported a bicycle was struck by a motor vehicle.

A 48-year-old male cyclist was transported to hospital with major injuries and later died as a result of the injuries. The lone occupant of the motor vehicle did not sustain any injuries.

The investigation is ongoing. At this time no charges have been laid.


  1. It’s so sad when vulnerable road users get killed by motor vehicles. I feel for everyone on this but blame the lack of safe infrastructure for these incidents. We are slowly moving in that direction but still far behind more progressive countries in Northern Europe.

      • May be but the comment on lacking bicycle infrastructure is 100% spot on. Cops getting off their asses and starting nailing drivers, including cops, that race and/or run amber lights, stop over the white lines that indicate “stop behind white lines”, stop illegally in the middle of intersections waiting to make turns, and so many other dangerous practices the cops ignore because “nobody has been injured/killed yet”. How many times have I had people ignore the YIELD sign, which is a pedestrian “right of way” at the Pim and McNabb “island” by blowing through it ignoring all else.

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