Grocers Loblaw and Metro ending wage premium due to pandemic for workers


TORONTO — Two of Canada’s largest grocers are ending wage premiums they have been paying employees due to the pandemic.

Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Metro Inc. have been paying front-line employees an additional $2 per hour since mid-March when the restrictions due to COVID-19 were first put in place.

In a letter to customers, Loblaw executive chairman Galen Weston says that things have now stabilized at the company’s supermarkets and drug stores.

Both Loblaw and Metro say they will end their temporary wage premiums on Saturday.

Loblaw says it will also pay a total of $25 million in one-time bonuses to employees, based on their average hours worked over the last 14 weeks.

Metro says it will pay an additional one-time bonus of $200 to each of its full-time employees and $100 to each of its part-time workers.

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  1. Shame on the and any minimum wage employers❗ these workers are not recognized enough and they are putting their lives at risk every day for us and they need their money. I sure wouldn’t put my life at risk for minimum wage. It would be hard to make a decision if the wage was $18 an hr for Hazard pay❗

  2. Wow – so does this mean that these groceries stores will increase people entering their stores for shopping also lifting the safety precautions? These workers at stores are front line workers and risk their lives everyday to serve the people, just like police, paramedics, PSWs and all other front line workers. Their are Americans entering Canada’ and dining at restaurants- the Soo has a border and just wondering how many Americans got through to enter Canada 🇨🇦 and dine at a Montana’s or restaurant and these stores are ending wage premium for workers 😡. Second round here we come 🤬😷🤬😷

  3. Frank, my dear sir, are very rude, when this pandemic started and I thought it was going to be really bad and a lot of people in ssm were going to die etc. I had a panic attack at work, my last day of work, March 17, for these workers to stay on the job and face the unknown head on get my ultimate supreme sympathy, they endured while people like me ran out of work!! They get my support and deserve any raise in pay they received, now that it has calmed down a bit you think they dont deserve the extra money anymore, well it’s not over till the fat lady sings my friend, they deserve to be continued extra financial help,they get my utmost respect. They could of all went home and received 2000 bucks a month too, but they stayed, for this reason they deserve this pay and more!!!!!!!

    • Connie Cryderman I’ve seen first hand his staff are or have been treated – especially from those people who are not local – just rude people from down south and now we are being invaded by Americans- WTF is going on – second round here we go 🤬

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