Hello Cannabis Counters Covid


Hello Cannabis has had a very interesting few months since they first opened their doors on March 6, 2020. A month after Covid-19 caused the store to close its shop and switch to all online services and curbside pick up from April 9 – May 18. Come May 19, Hello Cannabis has fully reopened and is sticking to all safety measures to keep not only their safety but as well as their customers’ health.

In an exclusive interview with Lisa Bianco, Owner and Manager and Lee-Ann Charrette, Store Manager, the two dig into exactly how Hello Cannabis is staying safe while reopening and what new measures are in place. In the interview, Lisa and Lee-Ann discuss how operations will work if they need to go back to curbside pickup and state that they are well prepared to do so if needed. Lisa and Lee-Ann really pride Hello Cannabis on the new relationships they have built with their customers, as well as the staff education and knowledge behind each product. During the interview, the pair were asked if there are concerns with new competitors making their way to town at the beginning of summer, but are quick to address that they hope the new cannabis stores have proper education for their staff. Lisa also shares her story of frantic parents who are relieved that Hello Cannabis is providing safe products to their loved ones, and to end the interview the pair recognize their staff for always being updated on the latest cannabis knowledge.

For more information please go to https://hellocannabis.ca/


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