Hot Weather To Last Over a Week


Don’t be surprised if you see a heat warning issued from Environment Canada over the next several days.

Hot sunny conditions are in the forecast for at least the next seven days. Heat warnings have been issued for several parts of Northern Ontario where temperatures could exceed 33c.

In the Algoma district , no warnings have been issued as of yet but that doesn’t mean you should not take precautions if you’re out in the sun for any length of time.

The air mass is mostly made up of hot dry air with low humidity levels, however humidity is expected to creep up by the end of  the week and that’s when the heat and the humidity could cause trouble.

Extreme heat affects everyone.

The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.

Watch for the effects of heat illness: swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and the worsening of some health conditions.

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place.

Check on older family, friends and neighbours. Make sure they are cool and drinking water

Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle.

Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.

The forecast as of Monday promises hot sunny days until mid week next week. Normal temperatures for this period are around 22c to 24c . Forecast highs this week has the Sault reaching a peak temperature of 33c by Friday.