Lawn Signs – The New Way To Celebrate Grads and Birthdays

Grad Wishes Photo Supplied by Batman Advertising.

SAULT STE. MARIE – With Covid-19, the celebration for graduations and birthdays has taken a drastic turn this year. Being unable to walk across the stage to be handed a diploma or certificate, or being unable to organize festive birthday celebrations, parents are looking at other ways to honour their grads and make birthday wishes. Through lawn signs and billboard advertising, many signs have popped up around Sault Ste. Marie with “Honk For Your Grad” or “2020 Grad,” “Covid-19 Grad,” and “Quarantine Birthday.” Batman Advertising has been busy these past few weeks to arrange all messages to be displayed on front lawns. “It’s been great for business and pleasing to help make local graduates graduation more entertaining,” said Kyle Batman owner of Batman Advertising.


  1. Personally, I don’t care for these birthday and graduation signs. They simply emphasize the ‘ME’ focus of the present generation. Why not be humbly thankful for these special days and share them quietly with family and friends without having to demand that the whole neighbourhood affirm you. I really don’t care that you’ve graduated – what is more important is what you will do with your learning and advancing years. Are you increasing in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and compassion? These signs actually tell me the answer is NO, and simply make you and your family look self-absorbed.

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