Liberals looking to extend COVID-19 benefits ahead of parliamentary showdown


OTTAWA — The Liberals are putting together a plan to extend one of the key COVID-19 benefits ahead of a parliamentary showdown on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’ll detail later this week how the Canada Emergency Response Benefit may remain in place for people who still can’t return to work.

Canadians were able to access the $2,000-a-month benefit for 16 weeks, and millions are about to hit the maximum number of weeks they can claim, but still don’t have jobs.

The New Democrats say a plan to extend the CERB is a must for them to support a massive government spending proposal due in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

A vote on the spending plans, representing about $87 billion, is a confidence motion so in theory the opposition parties could bring down the government.

The NDP’s Jagmeet Singh said earlier today he thinks negotiations between the parties will avert a potential non-confidence vote.


  1. It is time to march on Ottawa. These elected reps are there to work for us…not go into hiding. Remember all of this come the next election.

  2. How about those going back to work and only getting half the amount of hours they use to have, how is this going to go, I used to have 35 hours a week, and am being called back to work for around half of that, cannot live on the reduced hours, how will they help me pay my rent!!!

  3. Every other country has kept parliament running, Canada is the only one not sitting regularly with limited members. He doesn’t want to be asked hard questions he hasn’t received prescipted like on his 90 day isolation prescreened preselected members of journalists. Doesn’t want to be held accountable for all of his reckless spending of money we dont have, it’s all on credit because he already maxed the cards. We need parliament to get back to work!!!!!! Not the mole in the hole appearances anymore!!!

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