Local Author’s Inspiration Behind Children’s Book


In a recent interview done with SaultOnline, Jennifer Barone, local author to two children’s books Goose on a Roof and Snowflake Snowflake, shares her inspiration behind each of her books.

The inspiration behind Goose on the Roof came to Jennifer one day when she saw a real goose on the top of her father’s garage and to her eye the goose wouldn’t fly down. After some thought, the ideas started flowing and Jennifer got busy to create the storyline of Henry the goose. Goose on a Roof is a children’s novel that incorporates bullying and how to face your fears. Jennifer also includes, “It’s never tiring to get that topic out there for children to understand.”

“No one should ever have to tolerate a bully. No matter our race or gender, we are all worthy of respect and dignity,” says Jennifer Barone, local author.

Moving to her second book Snowflake Snowflake, the inspiration came to Jennifer while she was outside watching some of her students enjoy the first snowfall. “They were mesmerized by the snowflakes falling from the sky. Watching them catch those snowflakes on their tongues just took my breath away. Children are always a source of inspiration for story writing for me but this one moment was particularly special,” continued Jennifer.

Both of her books can be purchased at Chapters, Amazon and the Algoma Marketplace, or reach out to Jennifer individually.

For any more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/gooseonaroof/.