Ontario Extends Declaration of Emergency Until June 30


Extension Key to Protecting Ontarians as Province Safely Reopens

TORONTO ― In consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ontario is extending the provincial Declaration of Emergency to June 30. The decision supports the government’s efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and protect the health and safety of Ontarians as the province reopens in a measured and responsible way. The extension, under s.7.0.7 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, was approved by the Ontario legislature earlier today.

“Extending the provincial Declaration of Emergency will allow us to safely and gradually reopen the province, while we continue to use every resource at our disposal to battle this deadly virus,” said Premier Doug Ford. “We are not out of the woods yet, so it is critical that we exercise caution to keep everyone safe, including protecting our most vulnerable citizens in long-term care homes, retirement homes and group homes.”

As Ontario charts a path to recovery, the Declaration will support the continued enforcement of emergency orders that give hospitals and long-term care homes the necessary flexibility to respond to COVID-19 and protect vulnerable populations and the public as the province reopens.

Current emergency orders include allowing frontline care providers to redeploy staff where they are needed most, enabling public health units to redeploy or hire staff to support case management and contact tracing, limiting long-term care and retirement home staff to working at one home, and preventing unfair pricing of necessary goods.

The Declaration of Emergency may be further extended with the approval of the legislature, as set out in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

A full list of emergency orders can be found on the e-Laws website under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and at Ontario.ca/alert.



  1. At this point it is only people consumed by fear and who have lost the ability to think for themselves who are calling these government rules wise. Ford has given up fighting for the small businesses and average people of Ontario who do not work for government. He has been subsumed by so-called progressives who sit happily at home, paid by the government while they criticize the people who pay their way. He regularly compliments Trudeau, the worst PM in Canadian memory. Then there are the teachers, who are told by their unions not to cooperate with online learning, and they obey like trained seals – these people who are supposed to teach students how to think but who cannot think for themselves nor uphold their first responsibilities to the students. Sorry to insult the seals.

  2. No it seems every one else is doing whatever they want. Things are opening up. Everyone is going about their business. Traveling all over the province and the country. Except those of us who still have to social distance from our families.

  3. Everyone else is going about their business. everything is opening up again. It seems everyone is doing whatever they want. People are travelling all over the province and country. Yet we still have to be socially distanced from our families and loved ones.

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