Province Focuses on Safe, Gradual Approach as Reopening Continues


The Ontario government has extended all emergency orders currently in force until June 30, 2020. This extension ensures that the government continues to have the necessary tools to safely and gradually reopen the province, while continuing to support front-line health care workers and protect vulnerable populations from COVID-19.

To safely reopen the province, the government has committed to review each order on an ongoing case-by-case basis. This will help determine when and if they can safely be adjusted or lifted.

The government announced 31 public health unit regions across the province that may proceed to Stage 2 of its Framework for Reopening thus allowing additional businesses and services to return to work.

Increasing gathering from 5 to 10 people are now allowed in all parts of the province, and people are encouraged to create or join a social circle.

People throughout Ontario are being encouraged to establish a social circle of no more than 10 people who can interact and come into close contact with one another without physical distancing.

Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, updated public health advice to come into effect immediately province-wide to allow social circles of up to 10 members, including those outside the immediate household. Social circles will support the mental health and well-being of Ontarians and help reduce social isolation.

To help stop the spread, people should continue to follow public health guidelines, including practicing physical distancing, wearing a face covering where physical distancing is a challenge and washing their hands thoroughly and frequently. Anyone who is worried they may have COVID-19, or who may have been exposed to the virus, is encouraged to go for testing.


  1. Ford is catering to business now he isn’t concerned about mental health.
    People are in crisis enough of this B’s open uper the government supports the housing supports it a joke.
    He wants everyone to put the kids in daycare on one hand .
    Than throws out the state of emergency when it comes to peoples freedom.

  2. Comes down to the people so people need to stop complaining and follow protocols so all can get thru this. Congratulations to those still refusing to take this seriously and care about fellow residents, this is on you!

    • Yolanda Sullivan Dresse we don’t have to have the same opinion or think the same as you everybody has a right to the way that they feel criticizing people for the way they feel is wrong.
      Personally I think it’s BS I sure the hell do not trust the government

  3. Dougie quit being such a coward open everything up. Those who want to live in a bubble go ahead and do so but let those of us who want to be free do so

    • So were the cases in Florida. +2000 new cases 2 days in a row. Few people in the Soo are wearing masks, many are not social distancing…..if the general population knew how to act respsosibly, MAYBE things could be speeded up a bit. So blame the ones who are actually slowing the process down.

  4. Getting sick and tired of his monotone voice!! All this douche does is follow health officials who have screwed everything up!! Never makes a decision himself and has ruined Canada!!!

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