Ontario legislature expected to extend state of emergency to June 30


TORONTO — Ontario is expected today to extend its state of emergency until June 30.

The measure bans gatherings larger than five people.

It also orders the closure of some businesses such as restaurants and bars, except if they offer takeout or delivery.

If the vote passes, the measure — which had been set to expire today — will be extended for another 28 days.

Independent legislator Randy Hillier has said he will vote against the measure, saying it gives the government too much authority.

Ontario declared a state of emergency on March 17 as COVID-19 cases began to climb in the province.


  1. Very selfish of people to whine and complain that this is a “Toronto issue”. This is a nationwide problem, there are arrogant idiots everywhere! In the north, the south, east coast, west coast, province to province territory to territory and so on that won’t follow rules and regulations and thus causing a spike, we all need to just sit tight and stop complaining so we can TRULY get this virus under control. You all sound children complaining because you can’t have your way. Rural Ontario is where southerners like to come to vacation, in turn spreading covid! So best keep the entire province shut down, opening the north is like opening flood gates.

    • Naomi Bourgoin I completely disagree, the government and the media (propaganda) has been fear mongering this entire time. I get the social distancing to a certain extent, but this virus isn’t the end of the world but you’d think it was if you listened to their bullshit. It’s not selfish to say we can’t live in fear, how about the double counted tests? How about if you’re Asymptomatic and die in a car accident but it’s counted as a covid death? That completely screws up the stats and yet the death rate is still incredibly low. How about talking about how many people survived for once? Or hey here’s a good idea talk about HEALTH. We can boost our immune systems as a way to fight this virus but instead we do the exact opposite by killing 99.9% germs every time we use hand sanitizer, spray disinfectant and wash our hand 50 times a day… that means we are killing the good bacteria that fights any viruses we may encounter. How are people supposed to pay their bills? How many people are going to be homeless? How many people have committed suicide already? And why? Because the government that doesn’t give a flying fuck about you is telling us what we can and can’t do? What about all the taxes we pay? I still don’t get any help with this shit while I’m financially sinking and then people have the Fucking NERVE to say I’m selfish for not wanting to stay inside and lose everything I have!? I want to work! People die of the flu every year, did you wear a mask when you had the flu? Did people care about someone’s “poor grandma” or kids while they were sick? No life went on and they crammed in stores like always. And now a virus being advertised as something worse than it is has all these bullshit social justice white knights talking out of their asses. If you have immune issues stay home if you’re elderly stay home but that should be their CHOICE. The virus isn’t scary, the way the government is handling it is.

    • Naomi Bourgoin and the best part is. We don’t even know how many people are in algoma with it. Because we have only had like 7,300 tests. And the population is 114,000 in algoma region.

      Even those people fighting for a regional opening. It won’t be us with that little of testing done.

      They make me shake my head

  2. FORD IS GOING TOO FAR NOW. The citizenry has been patient and co-operative but it is time to open up the economy. There are no cases up here. At least open up the north country.

  3. Thank you Randy Hillier for being the only clear-thinking person in the legislature. The lockdowns of the past months have been negated by inconsistencies in application of the rules to businesses and organizations, as well as the recent mass protests and gatherings in Toronto. Meanwhile, churches continue to be deemed non-essential and shuttered, even though they do vastly more to benefit local communities than cannabis stores, liquor stores, and lotteries. There is no longer any scientific rationale for any ’emergency’ – there never was. Deal with the problem in the LTC homes, don’t make everyone pay for the bad management of those facilities and poor oversight by government. Ontario has much bigger problems than covid. We only have to look at the riots in the US right now to see the results of governments focusing on the wrong things.

    • Cathie Syrette I agree. We wouldn’t be this bad off if the cov- idiots would of listened in the first place.
      Maybe we should thank them for being so selfish, after all their actions are affecting us who have been self isolating.
      Sorry, my rant for the day.🙂

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