Ontario reports 184 new COVID-19 cases, 11 more deaths


TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 184 new COVID-19 cases today, and 11 more deaths.

Roughly two-thirds of the new cases come from Toronto, Peel Region and Windsor-Essex — the only three areas that won’t be in Stage 2 of the province’s reopening plan as of Friday.

The new cases bring the province to a total of 32,554, which is an increase of 0.6 per cent over the previous day.

It includes 2,538 deaths and 27,431 resolved cases — 218 more than the previous day, continuing a trend of resolved cases growing more quickly than active ones.

The numbers of people in hospital and in intensive care with COVID-19 both dropped, though the number of people on ventilators rose slightly.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health is now recommending that hospitals start allowing family and caregiver visits in acute care settings.


  1. Covid – 19 related deaths ? Does this just mean people who are already dying of other causes, and die of those other causes, but happen to show signs of Covid – 19, are being listed as Covid – 19 deaths ? That’s what I think is happening. jmo

    • Lorraine Rae Anne Yeah that’s pretty much how I see it. If some one has a deadly illness and has only days left to live, and after they pass away it’s discovered that they had a contact, or caught Covid – 19 just before they dyed, they automatically count it as a Covid – 19 death even though Covid – 19 wasn’t the cause of death. Not a very scientific or accurate data collection.

    • Jim Sweezey they are doing it to skew the numbers.. they want us in fear and there’s an agenda.. they are controlling us and I’m not ok with that!! Ugh. They are already planning a second wave.. like how could they actually know?? So much deceit and so many bought the bullshit!

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