OPP Aviation Services Rescues Person from Remote Area


(DENNIE TWP., ON) – Shortly after midnight on June 21, 2020, members of the Manitoulin (Espanola) Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) received a report of a stranded person on the Spanish River, Dennie Township.

Officers from the Nipissing West (Sudbury) Detachment, assisted with the investigation which revealed that two female friends left on June 17, 2020 from Duke Lake, in the Gogama area, to go on a five-day canoe trip on the Spanish River. Toward the end of the trip, a heated argument ensued between the two which resulted in one woman leaving in the canoe and the other being stranded on shore with the tent and limited supplies.

Due to not having any cell service at that location, the woman inflated her sleeping pad and used it to continue down the river but before leaving, she wrote ”SOS” (distress signal) in the sand. Once she reached an area with somewhat of a cell signal, she contacted her spouse for help and was able to provide the location coordinates.

With the assistance of OPP Aviation Services, OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Park Rangers from Ontario Parks, the 35-year-old from Sudbury, was located at 11:20 a.m. and rescued from the remote area. She was transported to the Sudbury Airport where she was assessed by Sudbury Emergency Services (EMS). Other than suffering with insect bites, she was in good health.


  1. I wonder if this news story is being posted in Sudbury so her friend can see what kind of tool she is. No matter what happens you never leave some one in the woods. That can be a death sentence to some one that knows nothing about survival and navigation

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