High Risk Take Down on McNabb Street

Photo Courtesy: Derek Thomas Pearce

On June 22, 2020 at 7:50 p.m. officers with Patrol Services responded to a call of a man pointing a handgun at a woman.

Officers responded swiftly and executed a high risk take down in the area of McNabb Street and Brien Avenue.

After securing the area, an airsoft gun was located. The investigation revealed the man and woman are known to each other, there was no intent to harm and no risk to public safety. They were both released and no charges were laid.

We wish to remind the public, airsoft and replica firearms often look authentic, can cause fear and criminal charges may be laid in appropriate cases relating to airsoft or replica firearms.


  1. Thank you to the police who take on these dangerous types and keep this city safer for law-abiding citizens. BTW, where is that AU professor what’s-her-name who wants to defund the police? Oh yes, probably safe in her office or her bed while the cops do the hard stuff.

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