SAH Workers Rally For Wage Top Up


Today at Sault Area Hospital a rally took place bringing awareness to frontline workers who may have been forgotten during the wage top-up. Over 40 people gathered to protest Premier Ford and to express their concerns that they have been overlooked. During the interview with SaultOnline, Kathy Humalamaki, Local President of Unifor 1359 states “The pandemic pay, it has caused havoc in health care. They’ve used pandemic pay as a bandage to fix a problem that we’ve been asking for help for. They keep cutting back to health care and it’s got to stop.”

Staff from Sault Area Hospital gathered with signs and face masks to show their support and other unions such as OPSEU made an appearance. All are asking to be treated equally and Unifor demands that pandemic pay be extended to critical workers including diagnostic imaging, therapy staff, radiation technologists, laboratory technicians, and others. To finish the interview Humalamaki states, “It takes a whole team to care for anything, one person is just as valuable as the other.”


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