Seeing The Value In Optometry Local Clinics Band Together


Not only has Covid-19 created new challenges for the optometry sector, but prior to closures the Sault Optometry Clinic and Station Tower Optometry have been dealing with their own battle stating that there is “no safety net for them.” As the cost of living goes up, optometrist wages have not seen a comparable increase in 30 years (since 1989). Optometrists have seen less than a 10 percent increase while inflation has gone up over 80 percent across Canada. Dr. Krista Bruni and Dr. Michael Burns express their concerns to SaultOnline on the impact of Covid-19 and how optometry practices are teetering on the edge. With no financial support from the government and a massive patient decrease due to Covid-19, Dr. Bruni and Dr. Burns address the issues they are facing and call for community involvement. A petition has been created under The Ontario Association of Optometry to open the Governments’ eyes and put pressure on the issue of recognizing optometry as an essential health care service.

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