Starbucks plans to close up to 200 Canadian locations over two years


TORONTO — Starbucks is pulling back on its presence in Canada with plans to close up to 200 coffee shops.

The Seattle-based chain says it intends to restructure its company-operated business in Canada under a two-year plan.

The details were included in a letter to shareholders filed on Wednesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company outlined a number of broad changes it was introducing as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving consumer habits.

Starbucks says some of the Canadian stores up for closure will be “repositioned,” which suggests they could either move to a new area or change format.

The company has been experimenting with locations that are pick-up only coffee shops. The first Canadian location using the new format launched in January in Toronto.


  1. You all understand that it affects human beings and their jobs, right? That it’s not about your opinions on the product.

    Finding another job during this pandemic is extremely hard, and almost impossible.

  2. Just a place to go to because you wanna talk about having gone to that place. Never been impressive and if you want coffee that brutal just request a pot to be left on for a few hours at Tim’s and itll still be cheaper.

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