The two family-owned fuel and lubricant distribution businesses move forward together

Hand holding gasoline nozzle for car refueling at gas station

Two of Ontario’s family-owned fuel and lubricant distribution businesses have finalized an agreement that welcomes Edward Fuels Limited (“Edward Fuels”) and associated companies, including Manitoulin Fuels and Petroline Petroleums (“Petroline”) to McDougall Energy Inc. group of companies (“McDougall Energy”). Edward Fuels, Manitoulin Fuels and Petroline will continue to operate under the existing name and management; however, as of June 26, 2020, each will function as A Division of McDougall Energy.

With more than 140 years of combined business experience, McDougall Energy and Edward Fuels have worked hard to develop strong relationships in the communities where they operate. Both companies have a proud family history and were established and remain headquartered in smaller Ontario communities while growing into large fuel and lubricant marketers and distributors.

McDougall Energy is a privately-owned third-generation family business that has been serving households, businesses, motorists and wholesale energy customers since 1949.  With its headquarters in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the energy company serves communities throughout various regions across Canada. Over the past several months, McDougall Energy has worked closely with the Edward family in reaching this agreement, ensuring that the transition is seamless for Edward Fuels and Manitoulin Fuels employees and customers located in Southwest / Southcentral Ontario and Manitoulin region.

Edward Fuels is based out of Goderich, Ontario, and has established a strong relationship with its customers, becoming a household name in the communities they serve, including Goderich, Kincardine, Teeswater, Clinton, Hepworth, and Manitoulin Island area through Manitoulin Fuels.  With over 70 years of experience in the fuel distribution industry, Edward Fuels has demonstrated a level of expertise, reliability and community engagement that McDougall Energy looks forward to continuing. Similar to McDougall Energy, Edward Fuels has grown to become among the largest independently owned petroleum distributors in Ontario. As a result of this acquisition, McDougall Energy has acquired the assets of Edward Fuels, Manitoulin Fuels and the Petroline retail brand, furthering the company’s offerings and reach in Southern Ontario and complementing its existing operations.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to grow the McDougall Energy family business thanks to the support of a great team and a continued focus on providing quality products and services,” said Darren McDougall, President of McDougall Energy. “We constantly strive to improve our business by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. The teams at Edward Fuels and Manitoulin Fuels are very dedicated to their communities, and we will honour their reputation and continue to foster the business as it grows.”

“As a family-owned business, our values and pledge to our customers are engrained in all that we do – this will not change,” said Don Edward, President of Edward Fuels, Manitoulin Fuels and Petroline. “I am excited about the future and what it means for our customers, team members, and our communities, with McDougall Energy leading the way. The McDougall family is one that we are proud to partner with, and they’ll honour the family values that our customers have come to know and trust.”

The current COVID-19 health pandemic has presented challenging times and changes for everyone; however, it is expected that during this transition period, both company’s employees and customers can anticipate a minimal impact on existing business operations. There will be no scheduled service interruptions in regions where Edward Fuels, Manitoulin Fuels and Petroline do business. The same trusted staff that customers have worked with over the years at Edward Fuels and Manitoulin Fuels will continue to be of service. Here are some contact numbers, should customers have any questions about accounts or the companies:


  1. I don’t expect the McDougal companies to do us any favours. They’ll gleefully raise the gas prices just ahead of long weekends, price us 10-12 cents a litre higher than other centres and blame it on shipping. They’re a monopoly and I think the Competition Bureau should be studying their size in the local market.

    However, they could care less what we say or perceive.

  2. Ridiculous how the charges are already. I’m a PSW in the community and we have to run our vehicles to safely keep these seniors in their own homes for as long as we can. Wages do not actually reflect the cost of living. What we get paid for mileage doesn’t even cut the cost of maintenance and fuel. Such a sad world we live in

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