Trudeau calls video of RCMP tackling Indigenous man ‘shocking’ and wants answers


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a new video showing the violent arrest of a prominent chief of a northern Alberta First Nation is “shocking” and is calling for an independent, transparent investigation to get to the bottom of what happened.

Trudeau says he has “serious questions” about the incident and that he and all Canadians want answers.

The RCMP dash-camera video was released publicly as part of a court application to get criminal charges against Chief Allan Adam stayed.

It shows an RCMP officer charging at an agitated Adam, tackling him to the ground and punching him in the head.

Trudeau says he knows this is not an isolated incident and that far too many Black Canadians and Indigenous people do not feel safe around police.

He called this “unacceptable” and says he raised the issue with Canada’s premiers during his weekly phone conversation with them last night, discussing possible solutions such as body cameras for police.


  1. I do not understand why you would swear and curse at law officers over a $275 ticket when you did not bother to renew your licence plate?

  2. Me thinks he is looking for trouble where not much exists!! He is creating a problem to further divide us!!!not all police are bad apples, agreed there are some, but they want to go home safely too at the end of the day too!!! If you fight back they escalate the arrest simple as that!!!

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