Trudeau’s attendance at protest confusing in COVID-19 era, Scheer says


OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he can understand if Canadians are upset about the prime minister’s appearance at an anti-racism rally.

Justin Trudeau and several cabinet ministers attended a massive rally in the nation’s capital on Friday, held despite public health warnings against mass gatherings due to COVID-19.

Scheer says Canadians have been told for months they can’t gather in groups, can’t visit their elderly relatives or attend funerals to slow the spread of the virus.

He says he understands if Canadians are now confused about what advice they ought to be following if Trudeau himself ignores public warnings.

Trudeau was wearing a mask as he attended the gathering, one of several held in Canada in recent days in solidarity with anti-black racism protests in the U.S. and to object to similar injustices here.

The movement was ignited after George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota, died while in police custody.


  1. The brutal murder of George Floyd by a cop didn’t wait for covid to pass. The time to rally and protest is now. So, as usual, just shut up scheer….you whine and complain so much. Must be related to the bunker king to the south of us. I don’t side with one party or another…it’s about who is running the party for me. Good on Trudeau for attending the rally!

    • If you don’t care for Scheer, and that’s certainly your right, we can look at the response of Leslyn Lewis, who is candidating for leadership of the federal conservative party. She took the liberty of writing to the prime minister, Dr. Theresa Tam, our Public Health Officer, and Patty Hadju, Minister of Health (federal) to ask them to “release the scientific evidence they used to determine it was safe for the Prime Minister to attend a public demonstration in Ottawa”. We are dealing with a pandemic. It hasn’t been safe to visit loved ones in nursing homes, it isn’t safe to travel, it isn’t safe to have more than about 50 people in a supermarket, but yet our Prime Minister feels at liberty to attend large, at times elbow-to-elbow demonstrations. I should point out (at the risk of being dubbed a racist), that Dr. Lewis is a woman of colour. She recognizes the prevailing issues of racism, yet she is questioning the seemingly double standard of our PM marching in a demonstration at this corona virus time.

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